An Overview of China’s Sunscreen Market and Regulation

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As summer is underway, the sales of sunscreen products are surging. According to Ali Big Data, the sales of sunscreen products on Tmall amounted to nearly one billion Yuan in June, archiving the highest sales in one month in history.

Sunscreen has been one of the most fast-growing categories in China's cosmetic market for several years and is predicted to keep a steady increase. As 2019-2025 China Cosmetics Market Trends and Strategic Consulting Research Report released by Zhiyan Consulting says: “the global sunscreen cosmetics market will grow at an average annual rate of 5.6%. It is expected that the global market will expand to 81.7 billion yuan in 2020, while the Chinese market will reach 9.9 billion yuan, accounting for 12.2% of the global market”.



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