Setting indicators for an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy - BSEF

As part of its work within the coalition of Industry Associations ‘Industry4Europe’, BSEF – The International Bromine Council, was proud to present the joint paper ‘Setting indicators for an ambitious EU industrial strategy’ to the European Economic and Social Committee on April 4.

The aim of this Joint Paper is to propose a short list of indicators that can be used to both assess the health of the European industry and monitor the progress made by the EU on the implementation of its industrial strategy.

The indicator list is composed of two sections: the headline indicators and those linked to the pillars of the Joint Reaction Paper previously presented by Industry4Europe. The indicators are simple and intended to be applied in combination to answer specific questions that may be relevant for different scenarios.

The joint paper is the result from a collaboration of over 130 industry associations in Brussels that is working closely together to achieve a concrete industry strategy within the EU.

Formed in 2017, #Industry4Europe’ group initially published the joint reaction paper ‘For an ambitious EU industrial strategy: Going further’ and is now working within study groups to produce more detailed support for that paper.



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