Recovery of metals from the fine-grained part of the combustion slag

This MUDP project was designed to develop a technology for the extraction of the non-magnetic metals from the wet, finely divided part of the combustion slag with a grain size less than 3 mm. Thus, the project will contribute to the desire to increase the recycling of non-magnetic metals.

The project has shown that it is possible to sort non-magnetic metals from moist fine-grained slag down to a grain size of 0.5 mm, provided that the moisture content has been reduced to a suitable low level of 10-12% by drying. The majority of the metals found are aluminiumcopperlead and zinc. The purity of aluminium and the heavy metals is found to be high, respectively, approx. 80% and 90%. Fragmentation of metals from the slag has not been able to show a reduction in the solids content of metals in the fine-grained slag. A reduction in the leaching of metals from the fine-grained slag after sorting for metals has been found, which is not considered to be due to the sorting, but that the slag has been matured during the time between sampling before and after sorting for metals. 

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