Setting a truly circular recycling system – joint pledge

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Promoters of chemical ‘recycling’ define these new technologies as an enabling factor for a circular plastic economy. However, there is a significant lack of knowledge about the overall lifecycle impact of chemical recycling on the environment. To achieve a truly circular economy for plastic, we should emphasise prevention, reduction, and reuse solutions that save energy and emissions.

This principle paper is a call to the European institutions to play their part by taking ambitious measures to establish a recycling system that really supports business models of reuse and refills; and that ensure the protection of the environment and human health. We ask policymakers to set ambitious environmental efficiency targets and support them with the necessary measures and standards to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest. The EU must take a precautionary approach when integrating new recycling techniques in order to ensure the development of a truly suitable and sustainable waste management system.


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