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NanoTrust Dossier Highlights EU Regulations for Nanomaterials in Cosmetics: Ensuring Consumer Safety and Future Adaptations

The Austrian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Technology Assessment released a NanoTrust Dossier in August 2023, titled "Nanomaterials in cosmetics — regulation and safety assessment in the EU." This dossier highlights the European Union's efforts to ensure consumer protection by implementing specific regulations for nanomaterials in cosmetics. These regulations, introduced in 2009, include requirements for notifying the European Commission about cosmetics containing nanomaterials, conducting comprehensive safety assessments, and labeling nanoscale ingredients on product packaging. Notably, cosmetics are the only consumer products in the EU with such stringent regulations, a contrast to the United States, which lacks similar consumer protection measures. The dossier suggests that due to technological advancements and experience gained from implementing these regulations, updates and adaptations are now necessary. Key areas for review at the EU level include revising the definition of "nanomaterial," safety assessment and notification procedures, and labeling methods.



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