Taiwan Clarifies the Scope of Cosmetic False, Exaggerated and Medical Efficacy Claims

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Takehome - The scope of false, exaggerated and medical efficacy claims used for cosmetics in Taiwan is clarified.

On Jan. 10 and Jan. 19, 2019, TFDA released 2 cosmetic regulation drafts, “Particulars of Specific Purpose Cosmetics that May Be Voluntarily Modified” and “Regulations Governing of Criteria for the Label, Promotion and Advertisement of Cosmetic Products Identify False, Exaggerated or Medical Efficacy”.

Cosmetic Hygiene Safety Administration Act released on May 2, 2018, stipulated that the labels, claims and advertisements of cosmetics shall not be false, exaggerated or indicate medical efficacy. The draft clarifies the scope of false, exaggerated or medical efficacy claims, as well as acceptable claims/labels/advertisements.

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