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EU Commission Introduces 'One Substance, One Assessment' Package for Efficient and Transparent Chemical Regulation

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The European Commission has proposed a legislative package known as "one substance, one assessment" to reform chemical assessments for increased efficiency, transparency, and faster regulatory action.

The package involves reallocating tasks among four EU agencies, aiming to streamline assessments of chemicals used in various products, including medical devices, toys, food, pesticides, and biocides.

The key objectives include strengthening cooperation among agencies, establishing a Common Data Platform for unified access to chemical information, collecting human biomonitoring data, creating a monitoring and outlook framework for early detection of chemical risks, and enhancing transparency of scientific studies on chemicals.

The proposals are part of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, aligning with the EU's commitment to zero pollution and the European Green Deal. The European Parliament and the Council will now examine the proposals under the ordinary legislative procedure.



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