Brazil | Clinical study proves that nitazoxanide reduces the viral load of patients with Covid-19 in the early stage of the disease

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Aclinical study supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI) has shown that the drug nitazoxanide is able to reduce the viral load of patients with initial symptoms of Covid-19. The study had the participation of 1,575 volunteers in 7 cities in the country, and the results were announced on Monday (19), in Brasília, by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, and the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations, Marcos Pontes .

According to the coordinator of the study, Professor Patrícia Rocco, holder of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), the decrease in viral load represents a lesser possibility of contagion by treated patients and prevents the worsening of health conditions. The more detailed research data could not be released, as the study was submitted to an international scientific publication. According to the researcher, in view of the pandemic moment and the number of contaminated, the disclosure of the results is important.

Source: (Automatically translated from Portuguese)


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