HEAL Response to public consultation on combined evaluation roadmap/inception impact assessment of the proposed revision of the directive on the sustainable use of pesticides

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The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the proposed revision of the sustainable use of pesticides directive (SUP). We are surprised and disappointed at the European Commission’s approach, which proposes to undertake yet another impact assessment in order to implement the objectives set under the Green Deal and Farm-to-Fork Strategy in relation to pesticides use and risk reduction. Over a decade has passed since the adoption of the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive (SUP), and with it, mounting scientific evidence of the human health and environmental harm caused by the use of synthetic pesticides. The evidence that pesticides play a part in the burden of diseases associated with environmental pollutants and the ever increasing scientific alarm about their effects on biodiversity point to the need for a drastic reduction in their use.

Link to the Response to the consultation on sustainable use of pesticides


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