• December 3, 2020
  • EFSA

5th meeting of the EFSA Technical group on Pesticides

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The 5th meeting of the EFSA Technical group on Pesticides includes the following items:

(*) Feedback from meetings Update status progress of TG IUCLID: Presentation

(*) Feedback from meetings: ECPA technical workshop & ABIM: Presentation

(*) ECPA technical workshop & ABIM conference on IUCLID implementation: Presentation

(*) Update on EFSA support IUCLID HYPERCARE programme& trainings & helpdesk: Presentation

(*) EFSA IUCLID Hypercare Programme: Presentation

(*) Filtering of data in IUCLID for pesticides dossiers: Presentation

(*) Building a IUCLID report using the new modular approach: Presentation

(*) Update on submission portal for Industry and EFSA instance of IUCLID: Presentation

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