Disinfectant hand gel recalled at Edeka - because of too much methanol

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Recall from Edeka and Marktkauf: Disinfectant hand gel is being recalled because it contains such a high amount of methanol that it can be toxic.

Edeka and Marktkauf recall a hand gel for disinfection. The reason: The "Mir24 Disinfection Hand Gel" contains too high an amount of methanol, which has a toxic effect. Methanol is an alcohol that is toxic to humans even in very small quantities if it is swallowed or inhaled. The recalled hand disinfectant gel contains between 65.3 and 68.7 grams of methanol per 100 grams of gel.

According to the product recall , the manufacturer does not have permission to place the products on the market. In addition, the disinfectant gel does not have a necessary child-resistant closure. The use of the hand gel is therefore not recommended, as damage to health through skin contact, inhalation or ingestion cannot be ruled out.

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