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The Nordic Ecolabel tightens the requirements for construction – climate and circularity are in focus

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Construction accounts for around 40% of total energy consumption and 40% of material consumption. Added to this are huge amounts of waste, which in Denmark make up more than 40% of the total amount of waste. This means an urgent need for action, but also a great potential to contribute to the green transition.

The Nordic Ecolabel would like to help fulfill that potential. Therefore, the official Nordic environmental label is now raising the level of ambition even further:

"Swan-labelled buildings must be among the best in terms of environment and climate on the market. Therefore, the requirements are continually being tightened, and in the tightening, climate, circular economy and biodiversity have been central focal points. With the new requirements, builders and contractors get an even stronger tool to contribute to the green transition, and therefore we also expect that the significant growth we have seen in recent years will continue. Especially because it will now also be possible to certify office buildings with the Nordic Ecolabel, which the market has long demanded," says Martin Fabiansen , director of Ecolabelling Denmark.


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