Dossier on Microplastics: "measures should be taken to limit the future increase of microplastic particles in the environment" | Food Packaging Forum

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Microplastic pollution is ubiquitous and persistent, and it is likely to increase in the future as plastic production is predicted to grow and the formation of microplastic particles occurs with a time lag. However, knowledge about the effects of microplastics on human health and the environment is limited, and standardized methods to address the occurrence and effects of microplastics are missing. Therefore, intense discussions are currently taking place about whether the risks of microplastics should be managed by applying a strictly evidence-based or precautionary approach. In addition, it might be helpful to consider the persistence of microplastics during risk assessment as it has been already proposed for persistent chemicals. Depending on the approach chosen, future work will focus either on filling existing knowledge gaps on toxicity and exposure of microplastics or on the immediate development and implementation of risk management measures that make use of current knowledge on the ubiquity, persistence, and increasing emissions of microplastics. In any case, there is a widespread consensus that specific measures should be taken to limit the future increase of microplastic particles in the environment and biota, for example, through addressing the use of plastic and preventing environmental plastic pollution

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