Evaluation and updating of the methodology for determining the end-of-life vehicle utilization rate through shredder tests under the EC End-of-Life Vehicle Directive 2000/53 / EC

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As part of the project, a shredder campaign was carried out in 2016 with 425 end-of-life vehicles in three dismantling companies and two shredder systems. The data obtained in this way on the weights of end-of-life vehicles, the resulting dismantling and shredding fractions and their disposal routes could be used to update the annual reports on end-of-life vehicle recycling rates in Germany in accordance with the EC End-of-Life Vehicle Directive.

Some samples of the shredder light and heavy fractions from the shredder tests were analyzed for their content of metals and pollutants, including the brominated flame retardant PBDE. As a further result of the project, further requirements for the separation of valuable materials were recommended to strengthen the high quality of the end-of-life vehicle recycling.

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