Research on Toxic Chemicals will Debunk the Pollution Dispute in Northern Armenia

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Analysis on the presence of harmful chemicals in the environment will be realized in Lori Province. The locals suffer from serious contamination with heavy metals and other substances due to local mining and the metallurgical industry. Researchers, together with a Czech NGO, Arnika, and local initiatives, will publish the results by the end of 2019. “Also, we will educate the locals on how to use our data to ensure a healthier life for themselves,” said Arnika’s chairman, Martin Skalsky.

Farmers and villagers from the Lori Province strive for a non-toxic environment, allegedly caused by the copper and molybdenum acquiring activities in Alaverdi, Akhtala, and Teghout. According to 2018 research, the vicinity of the smelting power plant and neighboring mines is highly polluted by copper, zinc, molybdenum, lead and arsenic.



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