China GAC and SAMR Enhance Coordination on Cosmetics Supervision

Takehome - The electronic data of imported special use and non-special use cosmetic products registration/filing certificates are now linked to the customs clearance database nationwide. A notification and coordination mechanism for imported defective products is established between SAMR and GAC.

On Oct. 29, 2018, China National Drug Administration (a subordinate department of SAMR) and GAC announced new customs clearance protocols involving online verification of certification documents during customs declaration and inspection. Since the date of promulgation, the electronic information of imported special use and non-special use cosmetics registration/filling certificates will be available on the customs database nationwide.

Transfer status of certificates electronic data can be inquired through China International Trade Single Window. For certificates issued before online verification, enterprises can apply for import and export with paper certificates.

On Oct. 22, 2018, China GAC and SAMR announced the establishment of notification and coordination mechanism for imported defective products. GAC will notify SAMR if non-compliant products were returned or destroyed at the port. SAMR takes charge of the recall of defective products. For enterprises hat refuse to recall products, SAMR will notify GAC to take corresponding measures. 

Since the date of promulgation, GAC no longer accepts applications for defective product recall. Enterprises can inquire about recalled product information on SAMR Defective Product Administrative Center.



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