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Rotterdam Convention’s Chemical Review Committee meets for 17th time

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The seventeenth meeting of the Chemical Review Committee of the Rotterdam Convention will be held online from 20 to 24 September 2021. At its seventeenth meeting, the Committee will consider notifications of final regulatory actions on carbaryl, chlorfenvinphos, iprodione, methidathion, methyl parathion, terbufos and thiodicarb. Further technical information about the online meeting is available here.

Due to an expected high work load at the seventeenth meeting, the Bureau of the Chemical Review Committee decided to advise the Committee to bring forward its intersessional work on notifications for a number of chemicals where notifications of final regulatory action meeting the requirements of Annex I to the Convention had been received from at least two prior informed consent regions. The preliminary review of those notifications by the Bureau and the intersessional task groups took place between November 2020 and April 2021. These notifications are as follows:

Candidate chemicalsNotifying PartyPublished in PIC Circular
CarbarylMozambiqueLI (June 2020)
ChlorfenvinphosMozambiqueLI (June 2020)
NorwayXIII (June 2001)
IprodioneMozambiqueLI (June 2020)
European UnionL (December 2019)
MethidathionMozambiqueLI (June 2020)
UruguayL (December 2019)
Methyl parathionChinaL (December 2019)
UruguayL (December 2019)
TerbufosMozambiqueLI (June 2020)
CanadaXXVIII (December 2008)
ThiodicarbMozambiqueLI (June 2020)
European UnionXXVII, June 2008



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