The Whopper gets a green makeover | New ingredient: No meat

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When Burger King launched its new burger on April Fool’s day, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a joke. The global outlet—which serves up Whoppers to more than 11 million people a day—said it was serving up its famous burger without the main ingredient: meat. 

But the savvy move was 100 per cent real—like the meat-less burgers replacing the meat patty. The Impossible plant-based whopper, made by UN Environment Champion of the Earth winners Impossible Foods, are made from soy protein, and resemble the texture and taste of meat. 

The Impossible Burgers have not been developed without challenges. Ingredients include proteins from soy inserted into a genetically engineered yeast, which faced criticism before being approved by America’s Food and Drug Administration last year.

What this move demonstrates though, is growing concern over the unsustainable production of meat. And what Burger King and Impossible Foods bring to the table is a way to tackle this concern without asking consumers to sacrifice the taste of meat.



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