• March 20, 2020
  • KEMI

KEMI | Enforcement 4/20: Information on hazardous substances in articles

Your substances


This enforcement project has been a cooperation between the Swedish Chemicals Agency and 71 Swedish municipalities (local inspectors). The focus has been to control if hazardous substances are present in articles on the Swedish market and if consumers have the possibility to get the information that they are entitled to. This project is a part of the guidance on enforcement that the Swedish Chemicals Agency provides to the municipalities.

The project has two parts, one where we have controlled restricted substances and substances on the Candidate List in articles made of plastic and metal through chemical analyses. In the other part of he project, we controlled active substance and labelling of articles treated with biocides. The municipalities have inspected articles in retail stores and the Swedish Chemicals Agency has followed up on the suppliers with non-compliant articles. The Swedish Chemicals Agency has also inspected about twenty retail chains and some e-commerce companies. 

Link to the Enforcement 4/20: Information on hazardous substances in articles

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