CHEM Trust challenges UK Government on Brexit pesticides plans

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The UK Government has claimed that it would not weaken EU environmental laws when transferring them into UK law in the event of a no-deal Brexit, with Secretary of State Michael Gove stating that “We will deliver a Green Brexit, where environmental standards are not only maintained but enhanced“.

However, CHEM Trust’s analysis is that this pledge has been broken, and instead laws on pesticides have been weakened to allow the use of hazardous chemicals that can disrupt hormones.

Meanwhile in a separate law on other hazardous chemicals the Government are planning to shut out representatives of public health, environment and consumers from the decision-making process.

CHEM Trust, represented by law firm Leigh Day, has now sent a Pre-Action Protocol letter to Environment Minister Michael Gove setting out its concerns. The pre-action letter asks for more information from the Government before deciding whether to start judicial review proceedings.



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