Germany a proposal to restrict Bisphenol A and other bisphenols in mixtures and articles above 10 ppm: updated information on ECHA website

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The Registry of restriction intentions until outcome has been updated. The update refers to the following substance(s):


4,4'-isopropylidenediphenol (Bisphenol A) as well as other bisphenols and bisphenol derivatives with endocrine disrupting properties for the environment

Details on the scope of the restriction: 

Restricting the placing on the market of mixtures and articles where concentration is equal to or greater than 10 ppm (0.001 % by weight).

The first condition shall not apply to mixtures and articles where the bisphenols in the scope of the restriction are either covalently bound to any type of matrix (i.e. via functioning as a cross-linker) or are used as intermediates in the manufacture of polymers, and for which

i. contact to aqueous media in any form (i.e. also cleaning) can be excluded during their reasonable and foreseeable use throughout their service life or

ii. the migration limit in the respective mixtures and articles does not exceed 0.04 mg/L over the entire service life.

More info available on ECHA website.


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