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The Green Economy is a big deal these days and mostly focuses on low carbon, resource efficiency and nature preservation. However, despite some multinational electronics & textile companies, are also actively trying to reduce the hazardous chemicals in their supply chains, the chemicals used in products are often ignored.

In order to stimulate companies to find out which chemicals they should be working to avoid, ChemSec, the International Chemical Secretariat has produced the “Substitute it Now” or SIN List.

"The SIN List is a concrete tool to speed up the transition to a world free from hazardous chemicals. The chemicals on the SIN List have been identified by ChemSec as substances of very high concern based on the criteria established by the EU chemicals regulation REACH. The aim of the SIN List is to spark innovation towards products without hazardous chemicals by speeding up legislative processes and giving guidance to companies and other stakeholders on which chemicals to start substituting ." (ChemSec)

On the 8th October, in the occasion of the event SINnovation – Keys For The Future, with High level speakers such as ithe Director of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), ChemSec will release an update of this list (Download the full programme). This update adds a number of important new substances, but also takes the concept one step further by introducing grouping of the SIN List and a tool for assessing substances similar to the SIN substances: “SINimilarity”.

The SIN List has been recognised as a main driver for innovation. By ensuring their products aren’t using chemicals on the SIN list, companies can reduce the risk of needing to re-design products to deal with future regulatory controls. Moving to less hazardous substances may also create direct savings within factories or with regard to waste management.

My Chemical Monitoring (MCM) has integrated the SIN List in its databases as a good indicator for potential upcoming regulatory scenarios. If you have already registered in MCM (free-registration page) you can immidiately check which of your substances are contained in the SIN list and you will be notified in case the SIN List update will affect you.

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