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KEMI | Enforcement 6/22: Toys 2021

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This report describes an enforcement project on chemical risks with toys and it is one of the efforts made in the work to ensure that goods are non-toxic from the beginning. The focus of the project has been to control toys sold via e-commerce, both through so-called marketplaces that mediate goods directly from companies outside the EU and toys sold directly by European companies.

English Summary:

During 2021, the Swedish Chemicals Agency has controlled 63 toys, 30 toys made of soft plastic and 32 electrical toys. Experience from previous market surveillance has shown that these materials and types of toys may contain dangerous and restricted substances. Some of the toys controlled in this project is part of two EU joint actions in the Coordinated Activities on the Safety of Products3 (CASP). We bought the plastic toys through online marketplaces from sellers based mostly outside the EU. Most of the electrical toys, we bought from Swedish or EB-based companies. Six of the plastic toys and 19 of the electrical toys contained restricted substances in concentrations above limit values. The plastic toys contained phthalates, cadmium and organic tin. The electrical toys contained lead and cadmium in solder and phthalates and short-chained chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs) in soft plastic parts. The controls in this project have shown that there are toys containing restricted substances above limit values on the Swedish market. These substances may pose health risks to children and may also pose a risk to the environment when the toys become waste. Most of the companies voluntary stopped the sale of most of the toys with too high concentrations of restricted substances. The exception is one marketplace that did not respond to our message and that continues to sell the toys



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