Reebok's Eco-Friendly 'Cotton + Corn' Sneakers Go Vegan

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In August, Reebok made headlines for unveiling the Cotton + Corn sneaker, which is made of 75 percent bio-based materials. Since most sneakers are made from petroleum, eco-minded consumers were excited to find a sneaker that had a lower impact. But this week, Reebok made the Cotton + Corn shoes even more eco-friendly by making them vegan.

Previously, the Cotton + Corn sneaker featured two leather patches — one on the tongue, and one on the heel. Animal rights organization PETA urged Reebok to replace the patches with a vegan alternative — and as PETA tells Green Matters in a press release, Reebok listened. The brown animal-based patches are now gone, and it looks like they've been replaced with more off-white cotton. The rest of the shoes still look the same, with the soles made from corn, and the uppers made from organic cotton.



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