Can Dupont’s green chemistry pledge help wash away the PFAS disaster they created?

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A couple of weeks ago, chemical producing giant Dupont announced via a press release its new sustainability goals, including an ambition to design all of its products in line with the green chemistry principles.

Dupont is not the first company to realign its portfolio and introduce a heavier focus on sustainability. Earlier this year, we saw the Dutch company DSM announcing that it will cease the production of chemicals of concern in its resins and functional materials products.

Another example is Nouryon, which has also been pretty outspoken about its ambition to separate itself from the rest of the industry pack and walk the extra sustainability mile.

In addition to these three, ChemSec has seen a steady stream of invitations during the last five years from some of the world’s largest chemical producers, asking us to comment on their sustainability strategies.

I think it’s safe to say that we are currently experiencing a so-called megatrend within the chemical space that can be summarized as “out with the old – in with the new”.



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