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Guideline | Calculation of Product Carbon Footprints in the chemical industry

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Committed to making chemical supply chains more sustainable, TfS members and suppliers also share the responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the chemical industry.

Scope 3 (upstream) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions constitute a major share of a chemical company’s emissions. Calculating the carbon footprint of products provides the best product-level information for identification, tracking and reducing scope 3 GHG emissions in the industry.

Taking the lead for the chemical industry, TfS will launch a Product Carbon Footprint Guideline for the calculation for chemical materials, as well an IT solution that will enable corporations and suppliers to share upstream PCFs and engage at scale.

The PCF Guideline enables suppliers and corporations to produce quality carbon footprint data for the first time. Consistency of results can create a high-quality industry baseline, making it simple for businesses to conduct cross-industry comparisons, and to compile and manage their emissions across all 3 scopes.

The PCF Guideline is now available for downloading. The IT sharing solution will become available in the second half of 2023.



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