China GAC Updates Cosmetic Importer Blacklist

Takehome: Cosmetic enterprises listed on the China GAC blacklists are mandated to provide additional testing reports or qualification certificates for the re-declaration of import.

As revealed by China GAC’s risk warning notices on imported cosmetics and foods on Dec. 26, a number of foreign manufacturers, exporters, and domestic importers have been included in the “risk warning lists” (Blacklists) due to an accumulation of multiple issues or individual serious issues involving batches of products that were rejected during customs inspection because of non-compliance/safety issues.

Compared with the customs protocols imposed on general import/export enterprises, controls and surveillance are significantly increased for any listed entities. Listed companies will have to submit additional testing reports or qualification certificates during all subsequent customs inspections in Chinese ports.

The blacklists are compilations of the cosmetic enterprises that have been issued warning for non-compliance from 2015 to 2018, which encompasses 5 overseas manufacturers and 2 importers that were included in 2018 (download the whole lists of involved cosmetic entities here).



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