Citizen science investigation highlights indoor air quality dimension in air quality and climate efforts

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Air quality inside and outside of primary schools across Europe must be improved in order to protect children’s health and ensure optimal learning,  shows a new HEAL report entitled “Healthy Air, Healthier Children”. One of the largest investigations in schools to date, HEAL’s citizen science initiative measured indoor and outdoor air pollutants around 50 primary schools in six EU capitals. The report underlines that good air quality in schools should be a priority for policy action at local, national and EU level, as children are more at risk from harm of polluted air. HEAL’s study also points to the need for linking health and energy efficiency considerations, in the current drive to climate-proof schools and other public buildings across Europe.

‘As a teacher, I want to enable the best learning and healthy environment for our children. I was quite surprised to learn that polluted air from outside travels into our classrooms to such an extent. I now want to talk to school staff and the parents about what we can do inside and outside our school for clean and healthy air.’ said Yolanda Caneda, Allen Edwards School (London).



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