• December 3, 2018
  • NIA

Meeting Customer Needs and Ensuring Success in the Scale up of Nanomaterials

t scale up protocols. However, both aspects of the material production and the economics of the scale-up need to be considered. There is no point in having a highly efficient material if it is at a price point that is too expensive for the end-user (the potential paying customer). Likewise, if a material is lower cost but sub-standard in its quality, it is not viable for many end-user applications.  Whilst this approach may yield a customer once or twice, it is not a strategy for long-term customer retention. The way to ensure happy customers in the long-term is through balancing (and optimising) the scale-up process to produce a material of good quality at an attractive price point.

The Business of Scale-Up - The economic side of the business is key. If a price is not considered feasible at the first point-of-view, then it is unlikely that a sale will be made or that the client will return in the future.  In the nanotechnology industry, there can be huge variations in the price of some materials, and from a purchaser’s perspective, this can be pivotal whether they use a material, regardless of the quality. 

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