SCCS - Minutes of the Working Group Meeting on Cosmetic Ingredients of 23 January 2020

The minutes document includes:

2.1 New mandates There was no new official submission of mandate:

DG GROW informed about a coming TiO2 Industry dossier for an exemption under Art. 15(1) Cosmetics regulation (Carcinogen Cat. 2); its mandate should therefore be adopted by written procedure. A Rapporteur has been selected and will be appointed. DG GROW informed also about a possible mandate for the safe use of cosmetics products containing prostaglandins and similar compounds. DG GROW and SCCS discussed 5 draft five mandates on endocrine disruptors (EDs), following DG GROW call for data: Propylparaben, Resorcinol, Octocrylene, Homosalate, and Benzophenone-3. The mandates will be submitted officially for written procedure of adoption and publication. Rapporteurs have been selected and will be appointed.


2.2 Finalisation of Opinion

DHA - Dihydroxyacetone as hair colorant. The preliminary opinion published was opened for comments until 20 January 2020. The finalisation of the Opinion foresees no change and is planned to be adopted during next plenary meeting (03- 04 March).

2.3 Draft Opinion discussed

BPA in clothing – the literature review result was shared with the group and the rapporteur identified the most relevant articles to be taken into account. ECHA and EFSA shared some of their relevant information with the SCCS following the previous meeting. A draft text is planned to be shared during next plenary meeting (03-04 March). Mandating DG JUST has been informed about the extension of deadline for the preliminary version until June plenary meeting (09-10).

2.4 Comments on Opinions

Zinc pyrithione (P81) – The preliminary Opinion is under commenting period until 17 February 2020.

Aluminium – The preliminary Opinion is under commenting period until 24 February 2020.

 C170 - hair dye Indigofera tinctoria. The preliminary Opinion is under commenting period until 13 March 2020.




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