CyanoGuard is making moves to end cyanide poisoning

As miners increasingly turn to cyanide  to extract gold from low-grade ore, finding a way to detect the harmful chemical has become more important than ever.Most cyanide detection methods are cumbersome and often require the use of hazardous chemicals. CyanoGuard offers an environmentally friendly alternative. 

In March, a cyanide spill at the Veladero mine in Argentina marked the third such incident in the past 24 months. The first spill, which occurred in September 2015, witnessed at least one million litres of a highly toxic, cyanide-containing solution released into the local ecosystem.

Unfortunately, these are not isolated cases: a recent study by the NGO Earthworks found that a staggering 93 percent of all gold mines currently operating in the US have been involved in similar incidents, with 74 percent polluting local water sources as a result. Without a doubt, cyanide poses a serious threat to local workers, communities and ecosystems.



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