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The Ministry of Taxation has issued a final report from the Tax Remediation Committee yesterday. The Ministry proposes abolition of the tax on the environmentally harmful plastic  PVC and the hormone disrupting phthalates, which will increase its consumption. It warns the Ecological Council strongly against the environmental organization .

The sanitation committee was set up as an offer to business to get rid of taxes which they found to be annoying. Therefore, the business community has proposed to abolish a number of environmental taxes, but completely incomprehensible, from an environmental and health perspective, the charges on the environmentally harmful plastic PVC and hormone disrupting phthalates are included.

The Ecological Council strongly disapproves of the proposal to abolish the tax on the problematic PVC plastic and the hormone disrupting phthalate softeners. On the contrary, the environmental organization believes that the tax should be lifted to remove the cavity that has taken place since the tax was introduced in the year 2000 - as the tax was not followed by price developments.

"PVC plastic and phthalate softeners are environmentally harmful products that do not belong in a modern society and can be avoided for the vast majority of applications. If you abolish the tax, as proposed by the Ministry of Taxation, you will give PVC and phthalate products a competitive advantage, while taxpayers will pay for environmental damage, " says Christian Ege, secretary leader in the Ecological Council. 

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