Recycling e-waste can help create jobs and reduce poverty in Africa

Modern electronics can contain up to 60 different chemicals elements including base metals such as copper (Cu) and tin  (Sn), special metals such as cobalt  (Co), indium  (In) and antimony  (Sb), and precious metals like silver  (Ag), gold  (Au) and palladium  (Pd). Although some chemicals present in electronic components are hazardous, many have economic value. This makes e-waste a tradable commodity and a source for job creation and poverty reduction in Africa. The market potential of products from innovative recycling technologies is important. Ghana alone generates 179,000 tons off e-waste in 2009. Waste generated from computers, printers, mobile phones, TVs and refrigerators ranges from 7500 tons for Kenya to 60000 tons for South Africa.



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