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France Introduces New Measures for Endocrine-Disrupting Substances in Consumer Products

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To enhance consumer safety and transparency, the French government published three significant documents on October 12th, 2023, under the framework of the French Public Health Code (Code de la santé publique). These documents focus on the regulation and disclosure of endocrine-disrupting substances in consumer products.

>>> Order on Information on Endocrine-Disrupting Substances in Consumer Products: This order outlines the guidelines for disclosing information about substances with endocrine-disrupting properties in products intended for consumers. According to Article 2 of this order, if a substance with proven or presumed endocrine-disrupting properties constitutes more than 0.1% by weight in the product or its packaging, it must be declared. The information is to be conveyed as "contains one or more substances with proven or presumed endocrine-disrupting properties." This requirement applies to all consumer products, both paid and complimentary, and extends to primary and sales packaging. Certain substances, like vitamins and minerals, are exempted due to their nutritional benefits.

>>> Provision Allowing Identification via mobile app: This official decree, issued by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity Territories, introduces an alternative method for consumers to access information about endocrine disruptors in products. It enables the use of smartphone applications to identify such substances in the products they purchase, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.

>>> List of Endocrine-Disrupting Substances and Categories of Products with Particular Exposure Risks: This decree lists substances known for their endocrine-disrupting properties found in a variety of products, including mixtures, articles, and foodstuffs. The decree aligns with the second national strategy on endocrine disruptors and seeks to provide clear information to the public about the presence of these substances. Issued jointly by the ministers responsible for health and the environment, this decree specifies the practical applications of the legislative provisions.

These new regulations underscore the French government's commitment to safeguarding public health by ensuring transparency regarding potentially harmful substances in consumer products. By introducing innovative methods such as smartphone applications, France aims to empower consumers with the knowledge necessary to make informed choices and minimize potential health risks associated with endocrine-disrupting substances.


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