Canada | Report of for 2019 Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) Science Committee meeting

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Overview - The Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) Science Committee (the committee) met face-to-face on June 12 and 13, 2019. This meeting focused on new approaches for integrating chemical fate, spatial, and temporal scale in exposure assessment in chemical assessment in Canada. The committee was asked a number of charge questions, including when is it appropriate to predict environmental concentrations beyond the local scale, how can the Government of Canada better integrate chemical fate at relevant spatial and temporal scales to reduce key uncertainties in predicted environmental concentrations for both prioritization and risk assessment activities, and what are the primary advantages/disadvantages and key uncertainties the Government of Canada might expect from implementing dynamic and more spatially resolved exposure assessment approaches for CMP chemical evaluation. The meeting included presentations from core and ad hoc members identifying considerations, models, and fundamental elements to better integrate multimedia chemical fate modelling in current exposure practices.

A full day was devoted to developing preliminary responses to the charge questions, and half a day was devoted to committee report drafting and next steps for completing the committee report. Outlined below is a brief summary of the meeting.


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