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Redefining Fashion's Future: A Journey into Circular Design and Sustainable Practices

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Ellen Macarthur Foundation has launched a short film titled 'How can we redesign the future of fashion?' as part of the 'Fashion Redressed' series in collaboration with Global Fashion Agenda and produced by BBC StoryWorks.

The film features Jules Lennon, the Foundation's Fashion Initiative Lead, exploring the transformation of the fashion industry towards a circular economy. It emphasizes moving away from the linear take, make, waste model and advocates for designing products to be durable, recyclable, and made from sustainable materials. The Jeans Redesign initiative, involving brands from various sectors, demonstrates the feasibility of circular fashion design.

The film highlights Primark's participation in The Jeans Redesign and their application of circular economy principles to other garments. Jules Lennon stresses the need for the entire fashion industry to change and encourages businesses, regardless of their market position, to be part of the solution.

The film calls for more ambitious steps in redesigning products and transforming the systems that produce and sustain them. It concludes with a call to accelerate progress and scale up efforts towards a circular economy in fashion.



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