Haddad versus Bolsonaro: A Lula proxy and a Trump wannabe

As the 7 October first round of voting for a new president rapidly approaches, the field remains divided. A second round on 28 October seems almost inevitable.

One uncertainty, however, has been resolved. Following hours of debate, on 1 September the Superior Electoral Court ruled by six votes to one to bar former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from running for office, just before television campaigning began.

The ruling is based on the Clean Slate Law (Lei da Ficha Limpa) and prohibits Lula’s candidacy because of a cor-ruption conviction that has been upheld on appeal. The Workers’ Party (PT) and Lula himself are appealing the conviction and initially rejected the electoral court ruling.

The ruling gave a PT-led coalition of political parties supporting the former leader 10 days to replace him on the ticket. The “O Povo Feliz de Novo”(The People Happy Again) coalition was launched in September and com-prises PT, the Communist Party (PCdoB), and Republican Party of the Social Order (PROS).

According to Bloomberg, former Bahia governor and a long-time confidant Jacques Wagner was Lula’s first choice of heir apparent but declined the challenge.



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