European Commission | Pass-through of unfair trading practices in EU food supply chains

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This report presents the results of the research project “Pass-Through of Unfair Trading Practices in EU Food Supply Chains: Methodology and Empirical Application”. The purpose of the project is to design and test a monitoring system of unfair trading practices (UTP) along the agri-food supply chain. The investigation has special focus on assessment of the “pass-through effect”, defined as the consequences for the entire supply chain of UTPs adopted in a specific transaction. The report includes: (i) a review of the economic literature for a better understanding of the economic principles of UTPs; (ii) a review of available data sources and past experiences in UTP monitoring; (iii) the illustration of two alternative approaches for UTP monitoring: B-SEA (broad-scope empirical analysis) and IDEA (in-depth analysis); (iv) a test application of the two approaches to the EU fresh fruit sector; (v) a comparative analysis of the IDEA and B-SEA results and (vi) a discussion of the implications of our research.



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