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TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO | General purpose cleaning and disinfecting products -Compulsory requirements; (19 page(s), in English)

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This standard establishes compulsory chemical and labelling requirements for general purpose cleaning and disinfecting products for household purposes and automotive applications (including dilutable products).

This standard applies to the following products:

a) general purpose cleaners, including but not limited to multipurpose and multi-surface cleaners;

EXAMPLE Products for cleaning floors, kitchens, countertops, sinks and hard surfaces such as stovetops, cooktops, and microwaves etc.

b) disinfectants including disinfectants containing quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) in liquid, powder, cream, tablet and gel forms;

c) laundry detergent sheets and pellets;

d) hand dishwashing detergents in liquid, cream, paste and gel forms;

e) automatic dishwasher detergents;

f) oxidizing or bleaching agents including calcium hypochlorite in granular, tablet, foam, cream, powder format and bleaching gel pens;

g) engine degreasers;

h) automotive cleaners in liquid, cream, gel formats for multipurpose applications;

i) spot or stain removers;

j) aerosols that function as general purpose cleaners for household and automotive applications; and

k) sanitizers not designed for human application.

EXAMPLE: Tyre, engine, dashboard, console, carpet, upholstery, oven, window, floor, bathroom, fabric and kitchen cleaners etc. 

TTCS 21: 20XX also applies to the concentrated versions of the products mentioned above and cleaning wipes and disinfecting wipes (or pads) related to the aforementioned products.

This standard does not apply to the following products:

1) automotive hard paste waxes with no cleaning or disinfecting properties;

2) automotive rubbing or polishing compound with no cleaning or disinfecting properties;

3) floor polishes and waxes with no cleaning or disinfecting properties;

4) alcohol-based and non-alcohol based handrubs or hand sanitizers;

5) fabric softeners with no cleaning or disinfecting properties;

6) liquid sodium hypochlorite solutions which are covered under the national standard TTCS 1, Sodium hypochlorite solution (Liquid chlorine bleach) –Compulsory requirements;

7) laundry detergents (pods, bars, liquids and powders) which are covered under the national standard TTCS 7, Laundry detergents –Compulsory requirements

8) cosmetics;

9) cleaning products primarily intended for use on human beings and animals;

10) pesticides which are covered under the national standard TTS 76: Part 8, Requirements for labelling-Part 8: Labelling of retail packages of pesticides;

11) products covered under any other national standards; and

12) products covered under national regulations issued by other Government Ministries and agencies

Relevant documents:

WTO Notification: G/TBT/N/TTO/134

Draft regulation:  draft regulation PCTTCS 21 20XX


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