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  • February 9, 2023
  • JRC

Cadmium in the soils of the EU | JRC publication

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ABSTRACT - This report presents the results of the analysis of Cadmium (Cd) levels is soils of the EU as observed from samples collected during the 2009/2012 LUCAS surveys from ca.22000 measurement sites.

With over 9000 samples from agricultural soils and a further 4700 samples from grassland soils, the LUCAS survey presents the most comprehensive survey of Cadmium in the soils of the EU.

Number of samples above the limit of detection –LOD – (0.07 mg·kg-1) = 5656. Considering that the distribution of Cd appears to follow a Gamma distribution (with k=0.99 and θ=2.68). By simulating from the Gamma distribution values below the LOD, the average Cadmium concentration in EU soils of 0.2 mg·kg-1 with an average standard deviation of 0.76 mg·kg-1



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