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Stockholm Convention | 13-15 September 2022 | Workshop on developing, reviewing, and updating national implementation plans (NIPs) under the Stockholm Convention

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Highlights: Highlights: The addition of chemicals to Annexes A, B or C of the Stockholm Convention triggers the need for most Parties to review and update the national implementation plans (NIPs) in accordance with decision SC-1/12. Parties have expressed the need for assistance in the process, in particular in addressing newly listed POPs that are widely used for industrial purposes and are contained in products and articles. A set of guidance documents has been developed to assist Parties in establishing inventories, identifying and monitoring the products and articles containing these POPs, and selecting best available techniques and best environmental practices for the management of new POPs and identifying and promoting alternatives among others. This workshop will focus on disseminating the newly developed inventory guidance on dicofol and PFOA.



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