• December 10, 2020
  • EEB

Sustainable batteries: Revised EU laws can pave way for greener transport

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EU officials want to make durable, repairable, and recyclable batteries the norm. From transport to energy storage, this is the way forward to reduce the environmental impact and downside risks of our increasingly electrified economy.

The European Commission is going to adopt a new legislative proposal today to boost the market for sustainable batteries, including those used for electric vehicles, trains, energy storage, smartphones and home appliances. An official announcement is expected by Thursday.

The news comes as EU officials prepare to publish their Sustainable and Smart Mobility strategy – a plan to reduce transport emissions across the EU by 90% by 2050 – and following the announcement by the European Investment Bank to allocate more than €1 billion to battery-related projects.

As a key part of the European Green Deal, the proposal represents a much-needed step forward to reconcile Europe’s quest for the electrification of our economy with the need for resource efficiency and sustainability.



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