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Brazil | Rio Grande do Sul Introduces Comprehensive Guidelines for Packaging Take-Back Systems

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The CONSEMA Resolution No. 500/2023, effective since December 5, 2023, outlines guidelines for the take-back system for packaging in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brazil.

The resolution applies to manufacturers, importers, distributors, and traders of products that, after consumer use, generate general packaging waste in RS.

The resolution mandates participation in registered take-back systems and encourages diverse approaches, including individual or collective systems, partnerships, and drop-off points for reusable waste.

Public authorities can engage with remuneration. Compliance with set targets and deadlines aligned with waste management plans is required.

Entities managing take-back systems must submit plans to the state environmental agency, and non-compliance leads to penalties.

Proof of waste destination involves electronic invoices and a final destination certificate through the MTR Online system.



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