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Canadian | New Regulations (SOR/2023-101) for Carriages and Strollers: Key Substance Requirements and Transition Period Explained

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In Canada, new regulations for carriages and strollers (SOR/2023-101) came into effect on June 7, 2023. However, there is a transition period until December 4, 2023, during which carriages and strollers compliant with the previous regulations (SOR/2016-167) can still be manufactured, imported, or sold (More info on Specific requirements on substances include the following:

Prohibited substances

A carriage or stroller must not contain any of the following substances if the substance could, under reasonably foreseeable circumstances, become accessible to a child or, if the substance is used as a filling, could be released on breakage or leakage:

  • (a) carbon tetrachloride or any substance that contains it;
  • (b) any substance that contains more than 10 mg of methyl alcohol  per gram;
  • (c) any substance that contains more than 100 mg of petroleum distillates per gram;
  • (d) benzene;
  • (e) any substance that contains more than 100 mg of turpentine per gram;
  • (f) boric acid or salts of boric acid;
  • (g) ethyl ether 

Toxic substances

If a carriage or stroller contains a toxic substance, at least one of the following requirements must be met:

  • (a) the substance must not be capable of being ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin because of the nature, physical form, size or any other characteristic of the carriage or stroller;
  • (b) the total quantity of the substance for a child who has a body weight of 10 kg must not exceed the lesser of
    • (i) 1% of the oral LD50 as determined in accordance with good scientific practices, and
    • (ii) 1% of the dermal LD50 as determined in accordance with good scientific practices;
  • (c) the toxicity of the substance must not exceed the limits set out in Schedule 1.

Specific substances in surface coatings

5 (1) A sticker, film or other similar material that can be removed, or a surface coating material, that is applied to an accessible part of a carriage or stroller must not contain, when it is tested in accordance with a method that conforms to good laboratory practices,

Link to Canada Gazette: SOR/2023-101 - Carriages and Strollers Regulations


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