• March 29, 2018
  • VCI

Raw Materials Base of the Chemical Industry | Position of the German Chemical Industry

The chemical industry in Germany uses a wide range of different raw materials: these include salts, metals and even air. Mineral oil ranks among the most important raw materials: Organic chemical production builds on carbon compounds. The main raw material source for this is naphtha, a mineral oil derivative which accounts for 74 percent. To a minor extent, there are also renewables from biomass (ca. 13 percent) and natural gas (11 percent).

Alternative carbon sources - Sustainability and resource efficiency are important guidance criteria of the chemical industry in the choice of suitable raw materials. In order to widen the raw material base not only natural gas but, most importantly, also renewables are the obvious choice in organic chemistry. Already now, renewables are used where they bring technical and economic advantages. Intensive research and development work still needs to be done to open up new fields of application.



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