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  • December 5, 2023
  • EEB

NGOs Call for Urgent Action: European Commission Urged to Phase Out PVC by 2030 Due to Environmental and Health Concerns

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Civil society organizations are pleased with the European Chemicals Agency's (ECHA) investigation report on PVC and its additives, which reveals environmental damage and health hazards. Over 60 environmental NGOs are urging the European Commission to phase out PVC by 2030 and restrict its harmful additives under the REACH regulation.

The ECHA report emphasizes the known health and environmental impacts of PVC and supports the need for immediate EU policy action. The NGOs call for a comprehensive restriction covering not only problematic substances but also the production, use, and market placement of PVC itself, allowing only essential uses under strict conditions. They also urge the European Commission to advocate for a global PVC ban under the new Global Plastics Treaty.

Despite acknowledging PVC risks in 2000, the NGOs stress the need for the Commission to finally take decisive action based on accumulating scientific evidence of PVC's adverse effects on health and the environment.



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