Hazardous chemicals associated with food packaging found in the body

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Hazardous chemicals associated with food packaging have been found in high quantities in the human body. As revealed by new research released today from the Zero Waste Europe Network who are calling for strong action to ensure sustainable and safe packaging that adequately protects both the environment and human health.

The research tested urine samples for the presence of chemicals commonly used in (single-use) plastic food packaging, i.e phthalates and phenols, and associated by scientists with diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as affecting the reproductive and immune system. Of the 28 chemicals analysed, an average of 20.5 chemicals were found in the samples (with a range from 18 to 23 chemicals found). 

This new research was carried out by Zero Waste Europe and five of its members – Ecologists without Borders, Rezero, Za Zemiata, ZERO and Zero Waste Latvija, with participants from Belgium, Bulgaria, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. The 52 participants included decision makers, artists, chefs, journalists and other public figures. 

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