Is matte lipstick turning your kiss poisonous? - Times of India

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You may remember your mother scolding you for eating her lipsticks--in the process of imitating her flawless application-- let us tell you for a fact that she wasn't grieving about the loss of her favourite red lipstick, rather was worried about the hazardous chemicals that have entered your tiny body. 

According to a report, every day millions of women apply (and reapply) lipstick more than 24 times a day. Lipstick sure is a game changer makeup product, we can all agree on that. It can take your look from I-did-not-sleep-a-wink-last-night to look-at-this-diva and hence the demand for this product never seems to die down. 

Lead in lipstick? Lipsticks may contain lead, which is a neurotoxin, which, in turn, may cause learning and language problems. While not all lipsticks contain lead, there isn't any lipstick brand which lists lead as an ingredient. 



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