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KEMI | Enforcement 10/21: Electrical and electronic products 2021

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The department of enforcement at the Swedish Chemicals Agency inspects companies that manufacture, import and sell chemical products and articles that contain or have been treated with chemical substances. The enforcement process includes chemical analyses of products to verify compliance with EU chemical legislation. This report is a compilation of two sub-projects regarding the enforcement of electrical and electronic products in 2021.

In the sub-project At home we checked electrical products found in the home environment such as headphones, lamps, gadgets and small kitchen appliances. In total, we checked and analysed 69 products in the project. 24 products (35 percent) contained restricted substances in concentrations above the maximum concentration value in the legislation. The restricted substances found were mainly lead in solders and phthalates and short chain chlorinated paraffins in soft plastic material. The labelling of the products was also controlled. Nearly half of the products were missing contact details for manufacturers and/or importers and 13 percent lacked CE-marking.



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