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Swedish Chemicals Agency Reports Decrease in Illegal Disinfectants on Market

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The Swedish Chemicals Agency has released a comprehensive report detailing the findings of its enforcement project aimed at monitoring the sale of hand and surface disinfectants on the Swedish market throughout 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic prompting a surge in disinfectant demand, concerns over non-compliance and consumer complaints prompted the agency to conduct this follow-up project.

The project encompassed rigorous inspections of 68 companies and a total of 89 hand and surface disinfectant products. The Swedish Chemicals Agency focused on analyzing the content and labelling accuracy of the products, conducting chemical analyses on 42 of the inspected disinfectants.

Encouragingly, the report reveals that approximately 48 percent of the analyzed disinfectants demonstrated compliance with the declared content as stated on the label or other product information. Moreover, only one product was found to contain an illegal active substance, marking a significant improvement from previous investigations.

However, the report also highlights areas for improvement within the industry. One-third of the inspected companies had neglected to register their businesses with the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Products Register, which is a requirement for operating in the market. Additionally, deficiencies in product labeling were identified, with tactile warning labels missing on 44 percent of relevant products.

In terms of legal ramifications, approximately 40 percent of the companies inspected were found to have committed non-compliances resulting in environmental sanction charges or notifications of suspected criminal activity. This finding is consistent with the agency's 2020 project, indicating a persistent issue that requires further attention.

Comparing the results to the previous year's findings, the report showcases a positive trend. The number of illegal products has decreased, with fewer instances of products containing illegal substances. Notably, none of the analyzed disinfectants were found to contain methanol during the chemical analysis.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency intends for this report to serve as a valuable resource for companies, authorities, and consumers involved in the disinfectant market. By promoting compliance, enhancing product labeling, and conducting thorough inspections, the agency aims to ensure the safety and efficacy of disinfectant products available in Sweden.

The full report, available exclusively as a PDF document, was published on April 24, 2023, providing valuable insights into the enforcement project's outcomes and recommendations for the industry.


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